Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?
Yes, with all bookings a £75 non-refundable deposit is taken at booking with the balance to be paid either by BACS before delivery or cash on delivery,

Do you take a security deposit?
• On paying your final balance we will ask for a £100 security deposit to cover any damage or loss of property. The deposit will be returned to you when we collect and check through the equipment.
• If there is fundamental damage to any of the equipment then we are afraid that you will be charged extra for this.

Do you have any extras for hire?
Yes, extra equipment and add-ons can be rented with your package. Please take a look at our extras page. We are adding to this all of the time.

Does anyone need to be there to take delivery?

Yes, an adult needs to be present to take delivery of all leisure packages. This is so that chemical information and hot tub controls can be explained and cinema equipment can be demonstrated.

What do I need in preparation for the delivery of my hot tub

An adult (person aged 18+) must be present to accept delivery within the hours that have been arranged.
• Have a clear walk way with a width of at least a standard doorway to the area.
• A clear, level area 3x3m prepared by removing any sharp edges, debris, animal mess. Cover if necessary before our arrival.
• Access to water, by way of outside tap and hose or internal taps. Please have hoses ready, or request to hire one of ours before the day of delivery. If running from internal taps, please source the correct attachments or send us a photo of the closest tap when booking to arrange hire of the correct attachment.
• Access to constant electricity. Preferably from a standard 13amp household socket either indoors or outdoors. The cable can reach just over 5m. Alternatively you must supply a suitable, good condition extension cable. This must be suitable for outdoor use, have a 13amp fuse, have a minimum of 2 plug sockets and be plugged directly into a mains socket (not another extension cable!) Extension cables must be completely unravelled to prevent over heating. The typical ‘behind the TV’ extension cable will not be strong enough. You will need a high quality cable.

How is the hot tub filled?
• The hot tub will be filled by a hosepipe supplied by the customer. Please let us know at the time of booking if you do not have a hosepipe as this can be hired at a charge of £5.
• You must make sure that there is an outside tap near enough to fill the hot tub.
• Alternatively we can fill your hot tub with warm water from an inside tap. If you would like to do this then you will either need a tap connector or you can hire one from us at a charge of £10. During the current pandemic we will not be able to enter your property so you will be responsible for connecting the hose to an inside tap.

How long will the hot tub take to set up?
Set up times can vary depending on the following factors:
1. Parking – if we have to park up the road, it will take longer to unload/load up, if you have a driveway, letting us use it will be appreciated.
2. Access – if access to the back garden is through a side gate with no obstruction, this will take considerably less time than navigating through a home (we will not be able to come through your home during the Covid pandemic).
3. Area – if the area is clear, hose and electric are ready for us on arrival, we can start setting up straight away.
4. If the above has been considered:
5. Just a hot tub can take around 20 minutes.
6. Hot tub and gazebo can take around 40 minutes.
7. Packages can take around 1-1.5 hours.
8. We do not wait for the hot tub to fill up. It will be the responsibility of the hirer to turn off the water supply when full.
Note: If filling with cold water
• From June to September heat time can be up to 15 hours.
• From October to May heat time can be up to 25 hours.
• If the initial temperature is close to freezing, it may take even longer

What type of surface can the hot tub be placed on?
Any surface (except for decking) as long as it is level and not an incline at all We need 300cm by 300cm flat area for the hot tub.

What shall we do if the weather changes and it becomes windy. Who will be liable for any damages made to or by the gazebo?
• The hirer will remain liable for damages of any property and equipment at all times. Jurassic Leisure are not responsible for the use or any damage caused by the gazebo that has been hired.
• We advise to lower the gazebo, and if you have sides on, take those off at the slightest wind.
• If there are winds of over 15mph then you must immediately take down the gazebo and place any equipment (excluding a hot tub) in a safe and secure place.
• Jurassic Leisure will not be held responsible for any damage, injuries or death resulting from the misuse of our hot tubs. We will also not be held responsible for any damage caused by the hot tub to lawns ,patios or decking or any water damage.
• The hirer will take adequate and proper measures to protect the equipment from theft, damage and or risks such as adverse weather.
• No refund is provided for periods where the gazebo could not be used because of the weather.

The weather forecast says it could fall to below 4C - What should I do?
• The hirer will remain liable for damages of any property and equipment at all times. Jurassic Leisure are not responsible for the use or any damage caused by the hot tub
• The heater pumps need special attention as they can fail at temperatures below 4C. NEVER switch off the machine. If necessary use the timer functions to program a heat cycle overnight.

I have a problem with my pump. What should I do?
Sometimes the hot tub pump will flash and make noise at you; don’t panic! They are pre-set to do this to inform you that you need to do something… here’s some of the most common errors:
• E02 – There is a problem with the water flow, the filter is probably blocked. Take it out and clean it, checking the pipes for any debris that may have become caught. Reset (below)
• EO3 – The pump is too cold, predominantly in winter. You need to warm the pump up to above 4 degrees C to get it going again. This will only happen at initial set up, and should not happen once the water is circulating. Reset (below)
• EO4 – The water temperature is too hot, predominantly in summer. Check the temperature on the pump, if above 40*c, carefully replace some of the water with clean cold water. Reset (below)
• EO8 – This is an electrical message. Either a dirty filter has caused the motor to begin to overheat and the pump senses a fault; in which case you need to clean the filter. Or, if using an extension cable, it may have overheated; this happens when it is not capable of drawing the energy that the hot tub requires to heat up. This can also occur from a house hold socket where too many appliances are running off the same circuit (think hot tub, microwave, tumble dryer and a kettle all turned on… it’s too much power!) If the plug from the hot tub is hot to the touch; please turn off immediately and call us on. Keep turned off until further notice. Reset (below)

How to Reset:-
• If any of the above come up during your hire you will need to reset the pump; here’s how:
• Turn the power supply off and wait for the beeping to stop
• Turn the power supply on
• Press the RCD “reset” button, near the plug.
• Push the reset button on the pump itself, on the rear in the lower half.
• Press ‘power’ icon on the pump control panel
• Press the 3 flame icon to commence heating
• If this does not resolve the issue, or the problem you have is different to the above please call us on 07434 842796 between 09h00-22h00
• or refer to the lay-z-spa user guide available

Can children use hot tubs?
• Children may use the hot tub under strict supervision from an adult.
• Children under 14 years of age must have the hot tub temperature set to 37*c or below.
• Children must take a break at least once every 20 minutes.
• All users, especially children must stay hydrated.
• The hot tub cover must be secured between usage to prevent any unsupervised use.
• Jurassic Leisure accept no liability for any injury, illness or death of any users of the hot tubs.

How do you clean the hot tubs between use?
• Between every use our hot tubs are jet washed, sanitized with an industry grade antibacterial detergent and stored inflated to dry.
• Every new hire will receive new filter(s) and chemicals to help keep the hot tub water clean during the hire.

Will I be able to contact you during the hire

Yes. We are available during your hire between the hours of 0900-2100.
• Phone/Text – 07434 842796
• Email –
• Facebook –

Between the hours of 2100-0900 please refer to our FAQ’s and self help guide, or visit the lay-z-spa website for more help

How do I keep my water clean?
• It is essential that you keep your hot tub water clean and clear of any debris. Users should:
• Shower before use
• Not be wearing heavy makeup, creams, perfumes or fake tan
• Tie long hair up
• Remove all jewellery
• Wipe/wash feet before entering to prevent any grit/grass from entering the tub
• Not urinate, spit, vomit or likewise in the hot tub
• Not spill food and drink into the hot tub
• Not add any of their own cleaning chemicals or bathing oils such as bubble bath
• Clean the filter and remove any caught items from the pipe often
• If actions haven’t been taken to keep the water clean and clear during your hire, and the water becomes green and or has a smell, you MUST empty the hot tub, clean, and refill it. DO NOT BATHE IN DIRTY SMELLY WATER.
• Your hot tubs are sanitized with an industrial grade cleaner and sanitizer before your hire, are filled with clean, drinkable water from your own taps; the water only becomes dirty by wrongful use.
• Jurassic Leisure accept NO liability for illness, skin/eye irritation or other where the water has become dirty. YOU MUST NOT BATHE IN DIRTY SMELLY WATER.

How does the hot tub get emptied?

We use an electric submersible pump to drain away the excess water . We will need access to an electricity outlet to do this. Although you do not need to be in, you will need to leave access to electricity available.

Do I need to leave the hot tub switched on?
• Yes. If you turn off the heat or the power supply the hot tub will start to cool down naturally. If you forget to turn the heat on, it isn’t going to heat up.
• Jurassic Leisure will not be held responsible for any loss of use where the customer has failed to follow the instructions at set up.
• The hot tubs reach a maximum temperature of 40 Degrees C, they are usable for children from 28 Degrees C and for adults from 35* comfortably in summer or from 30 Degrees C for children and 37 Degrees C for adults in winter from experience.

One of the pipes is leaking. What do I do?
• Check the tightness of the connection. If it won’t turn any tighter, the pipe may be cross threaded slightly.
• Slightly untwist the widest part of the connection ANTI-CLOCKWISE to loosen it, and retighten.

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