Jurassic Leisure’s hot tub rental service is an ideal way for holiday owners to offer a hot tub to their guests without having to worry about the maintenance, cleaning and service of the tub.

What are the advantages of offering a hot tub rental service to your guests?

  • Holiday seekers will often use ‘Hot Tub facility’ as a filter on their search for holiday homes.  You will be able to include your home in this filter search and therefore increase enquiry rates.
  • Winter months can sometimes be difficult to let. Offering a hot tub rental service will attract those guests that are looking for accommodation with extra facilities to keep them entertained during winter weather when outdoor activity is reduced.  
  • Having a hot tub at your holiday rental during summer can help with those days when British Summer is at its worse. Bad weather can lead to unhappy guests simply because its limits their outdoor enjoyment. A hot tub can provide hours of entertainment for all of the family during those disappointing summer weather days. This will in turn help lead to happy guests and good reviews.

What are the average weekly costs of running a hot tub?

  • The average weekly cost of running a 4-6 person tub is around £7- £10 depending on whether it is being used in the summer or winter.
  • These costs can either be added to your holiday let price or can be absorbed into your business and offset by increased bookings.

Who organises the hot tub rental, me or my guests?

  • This is completely up to you. We can liaise directly with the guests or you can organise the rental with us which in turn will allow you to add any extra cost you wish to make on top of the hire price to your guests.

When will the hot tub be delivered and collected?

  • For holiday lets we recommend our 5-night package with drop off and set up on a Sunday and collection on a Friday.

How much space will I need to be able to offer a hot tub rental?

  • Our hot tubs require 3m x 3m  space
  • During the Covid pandemic we will need to be able to have access to the garden without entering the house.

What if there is a problem with the hot tub during the rental period?

  • We will provide our contact detail to your guests so they can ring us if they experience any problems with the tub. We will also provide them with detailed instructions and faq’s to familiarise them with the operation of the hot tub.

If you wish to offer Jurassic Leisure’s Hot Tub Rental service at you holiday home then please send us an e mail to sales@jurassicleisure.co.uk and we will send you through a flyer which you can send to your guests with their enquiry.

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