Jurassic Hire requires any persons hiring our equipment to have read and understood the contents of these terms and conditions before clicking to agree to the rental agreement. If you do not understand the information contained within this document or if you require further clarification, please contact us directly at sales@jurassicleisure.co.uk

We require the following prior to arrival:-

  • Venue / Location confirmation.
  •  Confirmation of accessibility, suitability of area and access to electricity and a water point. If on arrival these are not as specified, then no refund will be given.
  • Confirmation of acceptance of these Contract Terms and Conditions to confirm that you have accepted Jurassic Hire terms and conditions.
  • Full payment by BACS together with a security deposit payment of £75. Cash on delivery will only be acceptable when agreed beforehand.

Payment, Deposits and cancellations

Booking Deposit

A deposit of 25% should be paid by BACS into the following account within 48 hours of your provisional booking being made. You will receive confirmation of your booking as soon as the deposit has been received.

BACS details

  • Lloyds Bank
  • Account Name: Yasmeen Moore
  • A/C 01235030
  • S/C 30-94-47

Final Payment

Your final payment should be made at least one week before the start of your hire period. The payment should be made by BACS to the same account above unless cash on delivery has been agreed.

Security deposit

  • Your returnable deposit of £75 is required 1 week prior to the hire period. Payment should be made by BACS with your final payment.
  • The security deposit only covers light damage, small breakages or extra cleaning that may be required, you may be required to pay a higher security deposit if Jurassic Leisure believes the equipment is at a level of risk.
  • The security deposit will be returned within seven days of collection, minus deductions if applicable, which will be fully itemised.


  • Cancellation of 4 weeks and less prior to installation will forfeit 100% of the security deposit. Cancellation of 1 week and less prior to installation will forfeit 100% of the hire charge.
  • If the rental has to be cancelled due to incorrect information received from the Hirer, the full hire charge will be forfeited.


  • The Owner will be entitled to terminate the agreement and remove the Equipment in the event of failure by the Hirer to comply with the terms and conditions of hire.
  • The Hirer will ensure that all Equipment and accessories are returned in good and clean condition at the end of the hire period.

Force Majeure

  • You agree that Jurassic Leisure will not be held liable for any:
    • Act of God including tempest, fire, flood, storm or natural disaster; War, civil war, sabotage or act of terrorism; Government sanction, embargo, import or export regulation or order; Labour disputes, including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other industrial action.
    • Failure in the transportation of equipment, machinery or personnel or in the provision of any utility including power, gas, water, or communication services.

Delivery/Collection & Hire Period

  • We will only deliver and set up a hot tub if an adult is present, we require a flat smooth surface of 3 x 3 metres
  • We will need access to an electrical outlet within a 5 metre range – if you use an extension lead, you must provide it, unwind and use and your risk only – we advise against this as per Lay-Z-Spa’s recommendations.
  • We will empty the hot tub, please do not turn the hot tub off for the duration of the hire, even the night before collection.
  • We will aim to empty all water to the nearest drain (max 9m away), or onto the garden if this is not possible.
  • We will not set up a hot tub on decking, only grass, patio or a flat smooth supported ground as hot tubs filled with water and people are very heavy.
  • Delivery is made on Thursdays and Sundays by Jurassic Leisure (unless a different rental period has been pre-agreed), we deliver between 8am-8pm. We will contact you to arrange a time slot on the day of delivery. Collection is made on Monday or Fridays between 8am-8pm. Time of delivery is to be agreed between Jurassic Leisure & Hirer.
  • Delivery will be made within the radius shown on our website. If delivery is required outside of this area then an additional charge will be made. This must be pre-arranged with Jurassic Leisure.
  • At the end of the hire period, if Jurassic Leisure’s equipment is not made available for collection it will be placed back on hire for a further hire period and at the same hire charge, an invoice will be raised with 7 day payment terms. The hire agreement comes into effect when it has been paid for by the hirer.

The hirer’s responsibilities and safety

  • The hirer must be available and allow access at the delivery & collection times agreed.
  • The hirer must inform us of any hazards to prevent accident or incidents to the Jurassic Leisure employees.
  • Jurassic Leisure accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused.
  • The hirer will supply the electricity and water for the equipment during the hire period. The hirer must ensure there is a suitable supply of electricity and it must be within 5 metres of the tub location, we do not supply extension leads.
  • Jurassic Leisure’s equipment requires a flat level base to sit the hot tub on; this can be grass, slabbed, concrete, blocks, patio or any firm hard standing. The hirer must ensure that there is sufficient access to get the hot tub into the chosen space, if access is not possible there will be no refunds under any circumstances.
  • Once Jurassic Leisure’s delivery team has left the hirer’s premises, the hirer becomes wholly responsible for the equipment and any additional users. The hirer will also be asked to sign a disclaimer for safety advice and instructions.
  • You will be supplied with ample chemicals for the duration of your hire period, do not use or add any other chemicals to the water other than chemicals supplied by Jurassic Leisure. Do not add bubble bath, foam bath or washing up liquid of any description. 
    Failing to comply with these instructions may cause serious damage to your skin or body.
  • The hirer will add chemicals required to maintain the water in the hot tub and understand the risks involved in not maintaining the water as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For further information regarding chemicals – please see Lay z spa multi function tablets for all ingredients and advice.
  • The hirer will not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs to use the equipment.
  • The hirer will not attempt to or move the equipment from the location that the owner has placed it. The hirer will not tamper or adjust any aspect of the equipment mechanics or electrics. 
  • If the goods break down or are not working properly you must report this to us immediately. You must not use the goods or repair them unless we have agreed otherwise.
  • You must tell us immediately if the goods are involved in an accident resulting in damage to the goods or to other property, or injury to any person.
  • You will be responsible for any death, injury, loss or damage caused by the goods being misused while they are hired to you.
  • The Hirer must be over 18, and must never leave any children unattended at any time.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic a member of the hiring party should meet the Jurassic Leisure team to show them the location of placement and they should then return indoors while the team set up. At least a 2m distance should be kept at all times.  No children or pets should be in the garden while the package is being set up. A member of Jurassic Leisure’s team will indicate when the installation is complete and will then ask a member of the hiring party to come back into the garden to run through the use of the equipment.
  • The Equipment shall be deemed to be in good order and in accordance with the Hirer’s satisfaction unless notification is received by the Owner on the day of delivery.
  • No warranty is given that the Equipment is suitable for the purposes of the hirer.

Information Sheet.

You must read and follow our information sheet which is part of our terms and conditions, by agreeing to our terms and conditions you also agree to follow all steps on our information sheet.

Hot Tub Safety

You must make sure that everyone who uses the goods is properly instructed on how to use them safely and correctly, and that they have all the instructions we have supplied. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the goods are not misused. This should always be in line with guideline with Lay-Z-Spa’s recommendations

Jurassic Leisure also would like to add/reiterate that you,

  • Do not drink alcohol or use any drugs while using the hot tub
  • If you are pregnant or have any medical issues (current or pre-existing) please seek medical advice
  • Children do not bathe for longer than the recommended time – see link above
  • Children are observed by an adult at all times.
  • No jewellery to be worn in the spa.
  • Do not put your head under the water.
  • Do not over-occupy the spa.
  • Do not jump into, onto the sides or on the lid.
  • Long hair must be tied up
  • Do not use if you have been unwell with any sickness or diarrhoea within the last 72 hours.
  • If you have flu-like symptoms after using a hot tub seek immediate medical attention immediately and make them aware you have used a hot tub.

Heating & Filtration

  • Our delivery team will fill the hot tub with cold water from an outside tap. You must provide a hose to do this. This filling process takes a minimum of 24 hours to reach the recommended temperature of between 35°C and 38°C. If you wish to fill the hot tub with warm water from your inside tap then will need a hot water tap adapter (you can hire one from us for a charge of £10) and a hose that reaches the inside tap. You will be responsible for connecting the hose to the tap.
  • To change water temperature simply press the digital control pad down for cooler and up for hotter water.
  • When not using hot tub always replace the cover to retain heat.
  • The hot tub will maintain temperature by itself; although during periods of heavy use or when the cover is removed for an extended period there will be a fall in temperature. Staying out of the hot tub and replacing the cover will allow the water temperature to regain the temperature.
  • Always leave the hot tub plugged in and switched on in order for the filtration/heating systems to operate.



  • The gazebo should be lowered and the sides should be taken down in winds of over 15mph. It is your responsibility to monitor the weather.
  • In high winds and bad weather you must take the gazebo down and place the contents of the gazebo in a safe place. If a gazebo is broken you will be charged £200 for the 3x3m gazebo and £600 for the 6m x 3m gazebo.  
  • Jurassic Leisure has no responsibility for damage caused to your property or a neighbouring property by a gazebo.

Cinema Packages

  • If you have to remove the cinema items from a gazebo due to bad weather then they must be kept in a safe dry place.
  • If any damage is caused to the cinema equipment then you will be charged the following
  • Projector £50
  • Stand £15
  • Screen £150
  • Sound Bar £50

Hot Tubs

  • If any damage occurs to the hot tub you will be charged the following:
  • Lid £75
  • Liner £400
  • Machine £450

If there are any damages you will be invoiced within 5 days of any breakages/damage, you will need to make payment immediately. Legal action will be taken to reclaim any outstanding amounts.

By continuing with this booking, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and will follow all instructions on the information sheet.


  • (By checking the accept terms and conditions box you are accepting the full text of this agreement. If you prefer you may print out this page and both parties can sign on the day of delivery)

I ……………………………………… will ensure all the above terms of hire are followed whilst hiring the hot tub from Jurassic Leisure I will ensure the hot tub and accessories are not misused and are maintained whilst on hire.

I will ensure that all items are returned in the same condition as delivered am aware that I am liable for any damages to the equipment that I have hired.

I am hiring:-

Signed ………………………………………….. Hirer

Signed ………………………………………….. Jurassic Leisure

Hirer Details

Name: ………………………………………..

Address: …………………………………….



Contact Number: ………………………..

Date of Hire………………………………..

Date of collection………………………..

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